Marcello Carrozzo

16 May Marcello Carrozzo


Marcello Carrozzo, reporter-photographer and freelance journalist, specializes in social photography.
He is a storyteller, a “story-singer”, a voyager. For him, taking pictures is a serious matter. Each shot is thought through, each tear, each gesture, each instant is felt and fixed first on his skin before being recorded on film. No landscapes, no special effects. The fragility of the human condition is the privileged subject of the maestro’s “social art”, lacking in zooms and panoramic views but full of sensitivity and feeling.
Carrozzo has been collaborating with major NGOs for years and receives institutional assignments to document some of the most critical situations on the planet, telling stories for those with no voice, the desperate on boats, lepers in India and those in search of themselves in an Argentine insane asylum.
Each photo report is a blow to the stomach. Each image explodes with violence, like a thunderbolt that tears through the veil of illusion and indifference that shelters the viewer.
Marcello photographs pain and tells the unfiltered stories of those who find themselves on the margins of society .
Profoundly bound to a code of professional ethics and respect for others, Carrozzo hates and feels wounded by stolen shots taken without the subjects’ knowledge and acquiescence. All of his subjects are aware and anxious to show the world the reality that often is ignored, silent and embarrassing. So, all of his subjects volunteer and willingly yield to the lens of a friend who is endowed with the delicacy and dignity of a person with rare sensitivity